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Epoxy resin is highly fluid and somewhat unpredictable, which makes it both a challenging, as well as exciting, medium to master. It is definitely a constant exercise in patience and control. Sometimes you have to stop, go hands off (a very difficult thing for this artist to do, at times!) and give it time for the magic to happen, and happen it does!

  • Wine Table Top

    Gorgeous commissioned epoxy resin finished wine table top

  • Ocean Inspired Sample Board

    Stormy seas were the inspiration for this sample board.

  • Coffee Table

    Opalescent color shift pigments excite this sexy coffee table!

  • Super Grunge Finish

    Complimentary colors collide with gunmetal silver pigments for a hoy grunge look.

  • Pops Kettle Corn Service Counter

    This was a collaboration with Kwidsin (Marketing & Displays) and myself. Together we designed and built a portable counter for Pop's Kettle Corn to use at the Wisconsin State Fair.

  • Custom Bar & Entertainment Room

    This was a crazy big pour, upper and lower platforms, on this huge concrete bar, as well as a long table behind the entertainment lounge, and a small wet bar counter., all in shades of pearl, gunmetal and silver metallic.

  • Custom Bathroom Vanity

    Super elegant pewter satin finishlaced with siver threads, and finished with a live rock edge and gorgeous green and silver glass vessel sink.

  • 4 Piece Custom Resin Finished Dining Set

    Stunning Azure and Lapis shot with rich gold nugget and veins make this a one of a kind functional art piece!

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Boulder Opal inspired custom countertop

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